Liquidity and Leadership.

Our objective is to acquire just one business and accelerate its growth by supplying a full-time CEO and a world-class board of directors.

January Partners provides both liquidity and a succession plan, allowing business owners to take cash off the table and step back from daily management responsibilities. We only acquire one business at a time and our principal will relocate to assume daily leadership responsibilities post-transaction. Our structure allows us to take a much longer-term view toward value creation while continuing your company’s legacy as an independent company.

January Partners is backed by a sophisticated group of investors comprised of current/former CEOs and professional investors who have been investing together in small and medium-sized companies for 30 years. January Partners is led by an executive with a background in acquiring and managing privately-owned companies.


  • $1-6 million in EBITDA (operating profit)
  • $5-40 million in revenue
  • Management transition
  • Services only, no products or manufacturing
  • Recurring or repeating revenue
  • Control acquisitions only
  • Based in the U.S.

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  • SaaS Software
  • Business Services
  • Employee Benefits
  • Consumer-driven Healthcare
  • Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Tech-enabled Regulatory Compliance Solutions
  • Data / Information Services

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Benefits for Sellers

  • Transition out of daily management
  • Diversify personal wealth
  • No required rollover
  • Energetic new leadership
  • Employees keep jobs
  • Sophisticated investors and board
  • Company remains independent - be a platform, not an add-on

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